Brad Halpern, Chief Marketing Officer

Brad single-handedly created the nearly $1 Billion retail egg white industry with his 1993 company, Eggology that pioneered the entire liquid egg white  category for retail and restaurants.  He marketed his company on a grand scale that included Oprah, Howard Stern, The NY Times, a featured segment on History Channel’s Modern Marvels, and Jay Leno famously drinking Eggology raw on The Tonight Show. 

Eggology became the brand leader available everywhere from Whole Foods, Costco and 7-Eleven. Brad's company offered the first cage free and organic egg whites and was one of the first to provide home delivery by successfully shipping refrigerated products. A consummate innovator, he invented on-the-go egg whites that scramble in the microwave, and other high protein foods made with egg whites.  He sold Eggology in 2015. 

Brad won the Western Restaurant Association’s “Innovator Of The Year” award, Ernst & Young’s “Entrepreneur Of The Year” semi-finalist, and named #17 of the “50 People Who Changed the Worldwide Egg Industry.” 

His passion to change the world continued in 2013 when he was elected to City Council for the City of Westlake Village, CA and in 2016 elected as it’s Mayor.  Brad’s enthusiasm for his family and life is only equaled by his commitment for making lives better.