What makes Be Trū Organics™ different?

I’ve seen lots of other hemp-derived products on the market lately, how is Be Trū Organics™ different?

Hemp is an amazing plant that has been used for centuries to clean up soil since it acts like a magnet to toxins. The downside to this is if you aren’t exactly sure where your hemp is being harvested, it could potentially contain all kinds of chemicals and toxins.  When using hemp as a holistic medicine, it must come from the purest soil in a clean environment. At Be Trū Organics™, all of our hemp comes from 100% certified organic farms in Switzerland. Our hemp extract is all-natural, pure (Isolate Crystalline), non-GMO, gluten-free, Kosher, and is delicately processed in our award winning ISO 9000 GMP-certified lab. In addition to its purity, our proprietary hemp extract is amplified by our own special nano-technology that splits one particle into 14 million particles for better absorption and longer-lasting effects.