Rise & Recover! I’m REALLY enjoying the pain relief & recovery benefits of Be Trū Organics BODY Cream. Especially since my muscles & joints get sore from training constantly, so it helps alleviate pain and gets me back in the gym quicker. I’ve never tried anything quite like it! 

—MICHAEL, Huntington Beach, CA

I am extremely dependent on my hands since I stay busy as a chiropractor. At the end of the day, my hands are usually throbbing with pain. Since I started using Be Trū Organics BODY Cream my hands feel amazing, I am no longer in pain! I am recommending this cream to all of my patients.


My name is Stephanie Shelsta and I am a retired Youth Pastor, now full time caregiver for my disabled son, Taylor. I have bone spurs in my left shoulder joint which causes severe pain in my shoulder and then generates muscle spasms into my upper back and neck. I experienced almost immediate muscle spasm and pain relief after apply your Be Trū Organics BODY pain relief cream….I was shocked at how quickly it worked and how long the relief lasted!


This stuff works great. I have been given several prescriptions for pain cream that I would have to have a compounding pharmacy make. It was not covered by insurance and was between $250-$1,000, depending on where we were living at the time. It contained all kinds of bad stuff and would even, at times, make me loopy like I was high, which I didn’t like. Your stuff works just as well if not better for my pain! No more doctor visits and co-pays and no more fighting with the insurance company and spending tons of money, and no more rubbing toxins on my body! Thank you Be Trū!

“I used the BODY Pain Relief Creambefore a 4.2 mile race. It helped immensely with my lower back pain, and allowed me to finish the race in personal record time. What impressed me the most about the product was its ability to reduce pain almost instantly, and to provide pain relief throughout the day after just one use, an indication that the high quality ingredients can create an ideal effect for patients.”
—COLIN K., Los Angeles, CA

Here’s my new post workout routine: sore spot rub down with Be Trū Organics BODY Cream of course! Not kidding when I say it’s a necessity! It really helps with inflammation and deep down pain, plus I love that it’s all natural with no harmful chemicals and of course NO psychoactive effects so I can alleviate pain without any harsh side effects! Thank you Be Trū!! 

—JACQUELINE, Huntington Beach, CA