Your Health is Your Wealth

I'm constantly getting emails from people asking me what they can do to lose weight and have more energy. This is not an easy email to respond to, because quite frankly it's a long conversation that goes much further than a few tidbits of advice about eating healthy...
The sad truth is that we are currently being saturated with toxins that make it very difficult to feel great. We are riddled with pesticides, herbicides, fluoride, mercury, vaccinations, pollution, plastics, prescription drugs, and radiation. We are exposed to these things from the moment of conception, through our mother’s umbilical cord, then injected with toxins, given antibiotics, formula-fed, and then filled with sugar, chemicals, and genetically modified foods. We are disconnected from the earth and we are buried in our electronic devices. We spend a dangerous amount of time sitting down. We are chemically dependent, nutrient deficient, and highly acidic.
So what do we do about it? How do you offset the damage that is virtually impossible to avoid unless you want to live on an island with a volleyball as your only friend?
The answer is twofold: Your MIND and your WALLET.
Educate yourself! Learn about detoxification, plant-based medicine, herbs, organic food, earthing, UV therapy, colonic irrigation, probiotics, fasting, juicing, breathing, moving, rebounding, minerals, superfoods, holistic dentistry, infra red saunas, meditation, cold therapy, yoga, sweating, oil-pulling, dry brushing, activated charcoal, hemp-derived CBD, and antioxidants.
It will feel overwhelming at first. It's ok...if you can only do ONE thing at a time, then commit to that thing, and don't look back. Make changes, one at a time, and your money will slowly start to support the things that are better for you, better for your family, and better for the earth. You will start to feel better, your belly will flatten, your eyes will glow, and your energy will increase.
I did not start out on this health journey with all the answers. When I started healing my body 15 years ago, I just made a decision to educate myself before I let someone cut into my body and remove something. That one decision led me to another, and another...and each step was easier than the last. Today I have a daily regimen that would've made me cringe 20 years ago....but it's easy for me because I am conscious about what I'm doing and I love the way I feel! I can't imagine where I'd be today if I would've never taken the time to educate myself on my own body, my own ailments, and my own lifestyle. I'd probably be sick, fat, and depressed....and wondering what magic tidbit someone could tell me to change it all.
We cannot strive for perfection because none of us are perfect. I am further from it than most, but I am growing more and more aware of the things I do wrong, the unhealthy things, and being aware makes me choose to do them less and less. Being consciously aware of what you are doing will automatically start to shift the way you spend your money, and the way you spend your money is what will ultimately change the world...
Thank you and best of luck!
Julie Wilson Gordon
Be Trū Organics
P.s. - I'd like to recommend a few books for any of you who need a little help getting started on this path:
The Sunfood Diet Success System  by: David Wolfe
Healing Thresholds  by: Rehmannia Dean Thomas
The Life Food Peak Performance System  by: Ronnie Landis
Nature's First Law: The Raw Food Diet  by: David Wolfe  
Eating In the Raw  by: Carol Alt
Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?  by: Clinton Over
Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness  by: Esther and Jerry Hicks
The Marijuana Manifesto  by: Jesse Ventura

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