Simply amazing product. My neck pain after applying the Be Trū BODY Cream goes away completely in just minutes. I have complete movement just like after I take NORCO. The pain in the middle of my back and lower back goes away slower. My middle back and lower back has arthritis. The pain in my neck is from surgery May 2005 and an accident on Dec 9, 2015 - I need surgery on my neck I was told- I need to do another epideral for my lower back - but I do not think I will do the surgery or epideral. If Be Trū works like it has in just a few days for sure NO Surgery and NO epideral. I was told by doctors who performed the neck surgery that I would always be in pain the rest of my life. And I have have been living on NORCO pain killers since. I think I could live without NORCO after just a couple of days use of Be Trū. When my wife first applies Be Trū to my neck and shoulder areas I get a little headache, but it goes away in a few minutes. Kind of like it lets me know that Be Trū is working. My lower back and middle back takes a little longer to get relief. It depends on how much cream is applied I guess. But the pain is almost completely gone after about 10 minutes. Still a little pain left, just like after using painkillers. I could live this way for sure. Great product. So far I have to use it 4 times a day. I think I could stop using painkillers right now. I have only been using Be Trū a few days. Old people, and I am old people, will live on this product just because of old age pains. It really works great. BeTru hit the jackpot with this product for me.